Contemplating the Commute

Contemplating my twice-a-week bicycle commute. It is 16.2 miles between Moncks Corner and Summerville. Most of the ride is on Hwy 17-A which is a busy 4 lane highway. The section from my apartment in Summerville to Cypress Gardens Rd is the busiest section. Cypress Gardens Rd intersection to Moncks Corner is lower traffic and a pleasant ride.


  • 4 hours of exercise a week
  • Green Commute
  • Enjoyable
  • Accomplishing 2 things a once (commute and exercise)


  • Dangerous
  • Abuse from drivers (yelling, honking, revving, close drive by)

The benefits are many but sometimes feel that I am being irresponsible to my family and to my employer by risking my life on my bike. I’m not quitting but it is something I think about. I’m looking forward to a longer safer route (5 miles or so) that may be available later this year. If I can avoid getting run over until then I will give the longer route a try.