Maintenance Friday and Why I Don't Use Clipless Pedals

Heard noise from my rear hub on my Thursday commute. Took the Giant Anyroad 1 into Mike’s Bikes. They replaced the bearing balls and cups. I had introduced water and dirt into the bearings when I washed my bike with a pressure washer. I thought I was being gentle with the washer. Obviously not gentle enough. Lesson learned. Being an apartment dweller I don’t have access to a water hose. That is why I was going to the car wash.

My pedals were wearing out so they hooked me up with a pair of SUN RinglĂ© pedals. I know I should be using clipless pedals but I have my excuses and I’m sticking to them.

  • I live in a third floor apartment. I don’t want to traverse 3 flights of stairs in clipless shoes.
  • I ride my bike to lunch and dinner everyday. I don’t want to walk in the restaurants with clipless shoes and I don’t want to carry an extra pair of shoes or sandles.
  • I commute to work twice a week. I have several traffic lights that are red more than green. I don’t want to have to clip in and out.
  • I don’t want a pair of shoes that I can’t walk or run in. I like to walk and some times run when I get off the bike.
  • On long rides I like to change my foot position. I don’t think I would like having the same foot position on 3 to 5 hour rides.
  • And the number one reason I don’t use clipless pedals: I don’t like falling over when I forget to unclip at a stop. I’ve done that a few times. Not fun. I am too old for that.

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