Snapped Rear Derailleur Hanger

A microfiber cloth flew out of my top tube bag right into my rear derailleur causing the hanger to snap. I was pulling my phone out of the bag at the time. I usually have the microfiber cloth stored in a sandwich bag but not today. I wasn’t injured. My plan was to use my chain tool to remove a section of the chain so I could ride back home. Unfortunately I have lost the pin for the chain tool. There was no way to break the chain. I removed the lower gear off the derailleur and stored the derailleur in my top tube bag. I wrapped up the derailleur cable around the frame and started walking home. I was 11 miles from my apartment. There is a multi-use path all the way home so that was good. The weather was nice too. I spotted a snake in the weeds. That was cool. I eventually lowered my seat post as low as it would go so I could sit and swing my feet for propulsion. I sometimes used my bike like a push scooter too but mostly I walked. When I finally made it home I put the bike in the Chevy Bolt EV, took a shower, slammed a belly wedge at Firehouse Subs, and headed to Mike’s Bikes in Mt Pleasant for the third time this week. I picked up my Giant Defy 3 and dropped off my Giant Anyroad 1. I may end up with a Shimano 105 derailleur which is a step up from my Shimano Tiagra. We’ll see what Mike’s Bikes says tomorrow.

After getting back from Mt Pleasant I went on a ride with the Giant Defy 3. It was a little windy so I decided to ride 3 laps on the I-26 frontage roads. That way I had tailwinds 50% of the time. No issues with my second ride of the day. On a side note SC DOT was working on the Nexton Parkway I-26 overpass. Perhaps opening it up for traffic tonight.

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