Thursday Commute, Post Chipotle Ride and Topeak Chain Tool

Thursday’s commute was uneventful. I rode to Chipotle for dinner and afterwards rode up Hwy 78. I was going to take N Maple St to the Nexton Parkway but couldn’t find N Maple St. Looked at Google Maps when I got home and realized I should have traveled a few more blocks. I headed back up 17-A and took Holiday Dr to Nexton Parkway instead. Even though I had been on Nexton Parkway many times this was the first time with automobile traffic. The road just opened up this week. Someone at work thought the opening day was Tuesday. There wasn’t much traffic. Nice post dinner ride.

After Sunday’s fiasco I purchased a couple of chain tools, one for each bike. This time I went with Topeak instead of Park. The pin in the Park chain tool detaches and I unknowingly lost mine. The Topeak chain tool looks well made. Hopefully I’ll never need it.

Chipotle unsweet tea

Nexton Parkway I-26 overpass

Topeak chain tool