Exploring Savannah

It was raining this morning with a forecast of showers all day so I drove the Chevrolet Bolt EV down to Savannah GA. I parked the car at a convenience store and plugged in to their charger. I hopped on my bike to explore Savannah. Riding around the city was pretty nice but it got old after a while having to stop every block. I left the city and headed down to the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. This was a great ride. I prefer the open roads to city riding. The scenery was awesome. Rivers, marshes, wildlife, and some gravel roads. Good stuff. I used Google Maps on my phone most of the day to navigate. I was surprised when I crossed over into South Carolina and Google announced it. Pretty cool. I hadn’t crossed a state line on my bike. I should do more of that.

Milestone alert. I have cycled over 3000 miles so far in 2018.

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