Summerville Farmers' Market and Ashley River

Grabbed a Peanut Butter Toffee Chip cookie and a Cranberry White Oatmeal Chocolate cookie from the Cookie Chick stand at the Summerville Farmers’ Market. Ate one on the spot and saved the other for after lunch. On the way to the river I got stung on my left ankle by what I assume was a bee. No big deal. After stopping for a photo at the river I headed down Ladson Rd, College Park Rd and Hwy 17-A back home. It was a short slow Saturday ride. Perhaps tomorrow’s ride will be longer.

I was hearing a squeak / clicking yesterday. Disassembled and cleaned the seat tube and seat fastener last night. That noise is gone however I heard a rattle. That was due to a loose screw on the left shifter. Should be silent now.

Cookie Chick menu chalkboard at Summerville Farmers' Market

Ashley River Herbert H Jessen Public Boat Landing