Saturday’s ride started off good enough at 6 AM. Roads were wet but it wasn’t raining until I got on Meeting St in North Charleston. It rained pretty heavy for a mile or two then eased up. 22 miles in my rear wheel unseated while I was going over the railroad tracks on Meeting St near Magnolia Cemetery. The bump also knocked my seat out of place. Luckily I stayed upright. The skewer and disc brake bent. I was able to get the wheel back on with minimal brake rubbing and rode the bike home. Round trip was 51 miles. I was shooting for 80. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

After showering I took the Giant Anyroad 1 down to my LBS, Mike’s Bikes on Coleman Blvd in Mt Pleasant. They were able to replace the skewer and disc while I waited. On a sad note Mike’s Bikes is closing their Mt Pleasant store. Their James Island store will remain open. Both locations are about 27 miles from where I live in Summerville. So the James Island store won’t be any further. We’ll have to see if the traffic is as bad as it is in Mt Pleasant.

I have been lusting over the simplicity of fixed gear bikes. The one that really caught my eye was the All-City Big Block. I had Mike’s Bikes order me the complete bike. I plan on using it for my lunch and dinner bike. I’ve never ridden a fixed gear bike, excluding the ultimate fixed-gear unicycle. The goal is to not kill myself. Should be fun to learn to ride. It will be like starting all over. I am super stoked. Life is good for PLA.

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