Lake Moultrie Dike

After the work week was complete I rode my Giant Anyroad 1 up to the Watermark Bar & Grill in Bonneau SC. From work I took Hwy 52, Jessamine Dr, a wrong turn on Powerhouse Rd, Old Black Oak Rd to the Lake Moultrie dike. The dike is a nice gravel ride which my 32c tires handle nicely. The ride to the bar was hot. Drank a couple of Yuenglings with friends, paid my tab and headed back. The ride home was cool with a wild display of lightning off in the distance. There wasn’t a drop a rain on my bike ride but there were storms all around me. Once I got back in my Chevy Bolt EV and headed to Nexton the rain began and the lightning show continued. This was a fun way to end the work week.

Giant Anyroad 1 bicycle leaning against lake Moultrie dike gate

Giant Anyroad 1 bicycle lake Moultrie dike