Heat Advisory Headwind

Rode the bicycle to work since I dropped off my Chevy Bolt EV yesterday for scheduled maintenance. Left work a little after 3PM and cycled to Rick Hendrick Chevrolet in Charleston to pick up the Bolt. There was a heat advisory and a headwind. The Garmin recorded 100.4 °F as the high and 94.0 °F as the average. Not sure what the humidity was but it was high. I faced a headwind today which I guess is fair since I had a tailwind yesterday. Not only was the weather pretty tough I got called this morning around 2AM for an issue at work. I slept from 11PM to 2AM and 3AM to 5AM. Not the greatest day but one to remember. The heat wasn’t as bad as I imagined it would be. I took it easy and drank frequently. The traffic was pretty tough. I was singing Stealers Wheels - Stuck In The Middle With You at the most congested section.

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