Ashley River

Took a late morning ride to the Ashley River. Passed a snake on the Sawmill Branch trail. I should have stopped and snapped a picture. A road cyclist passed me on a section of the Sawmill Branch trail. I fell behind by about 20 seconds and was struggling to keep up with him while he looked like he was out for a casual Sunday spin. Oh well. Where the end of the trail empties onto a rock road, me and my 32c tires kept rolling. The road cyclist turned around.

I am psyching myself into an Independence Day century to Edisto Beach. I’m thinking of leaving Summerville as early as humanly possible to beat the heat of the day. Perhaps as early as 4 AM. I wish I could digest breakfast in 10 minutes but realistically I shouldn’t ride for at least an hour after eating. Perhaps I’ll just snack my way to Edisto. We’ll see if I have the rocks to pull that off.

As for Saturday I didn’t ride much. I grabbed a couple of cookies from the Cookie Chick at the Summerville Farmer’s Market. They were absolutely delicious! oatmeal and red velvet cookies.

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