Edisto Beach Century 💯

I woke up at 4 AM and was on the road by 5 AM. The rain started at mile 25 and didn’t let up much until I returned to Summerville. But hey at least I didn’t have to worry about the heat. It was a cool ride in many ways. I love the scenery. Traffic was light for the most part. On the way home when the rain was really coming down a kind human in a pickup truck with a bicycle in the back asked if I wanted a lift. I declined with a thumbs-up 👍 and an OK sign 👌.

Equipment rain performance round-up: GoPro Hero 6 is not very water proof. It quit after the first battery change. My Pixel 2 quit on me on the way home. I’m pretty sure it was not because of a dead battery. I’m thinking it was a moisture related shutdown. Working fine now. Giant Anyroad 1 bicycle held up well in the rain although the cassette changing was not as smooth towards the end of the ride. Garmin 520 showed a low battery message when I was on Edisto Beach but I don’t think it was saying the Garmin had a low battery because it worked for the entire 7 hour ride. What I think it was telling me was that the cadence sensor had a low battery because the sensor had quit but actually due to water. I kept waiting for the Garmin to shutdown and it never did. Yay!

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