Turkeys, bison, rabbit, heron, cranes

The ride was filled with wildlife sightings. At the bottom of the Lake Moultrie dike I spotted a flock of turkeys. Along Highway 311 I spotted a cotton tail rabbit and a herd of bison on a farm. Along Highway 453 between Holly Hill and Harleyville I saw a wide variety of birds including heron and crane. There are sections of cypress swamps along Highway 453 providing a nice break from the industrial environment of that highway.

This was the first time I’ve spent much time on Highway 311. I was pleasantly surprised to experience good tarmac, light traffic, and wildlife. Traffic was light on all roads except for Highway 78 which was busy, stressful, and dicey.

I made a game time decision at the intersection of Highway 78 and N Maple St to head to the Summerville Farmer’s market and pick up a couple of cookies from the Cookie Chick. I was tired but I couldn’t pass up a chance at some delicious cookies. What is a few more miles on top of the 70 miles I had at that point? Totally worth it. Bit of a head wind on the way home but over all another great ride.

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