Lake Moultrie Century 💯

Frequently I get on my bike without a plan. Today was one of those days.

I do like to ride through Cane Bay on Sunday to check on the progress near Black Tom Rd. So that is were I headed. They have asphalt almost to Black Tom Rd. Looking good.

I then headed towards Moncks Corner and decided to get on the Lake Moultrie dike. Once I got to Bonneau I wanted to find where I could continue on the dike. I thought Google maps was wrong and ignored it. I got turned around a couple of times. Google maps was correct. Oh well. After a couple of miles I tired of the dike and headed to Highway 35.

It was a long but decent ride back to Summerville. I had about 90 miles when I hit Summerville so I extended the ride with a lap on the Nextburg loop. Finishing a century during the heat of the day is not smart but I survived.

This was my second century ride this month. What is wrong with me? 😉

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