Bike Check and Product Annoyances

Shifting was less than stellar during yesterday’s ride. Checked the chain and it is at .75% wear. Time for a replacement.

Worn chaing

I see some wear on the cassette as well. I may get that replaced. I will drop off the Giant Anyroad 1 at Mike’s Bikes today.

Bicycle cassette

The Park Cyclone Chain Scrubber works well but the rivets that hold the clips fall out. I’ve lost one rivet. The other one falls out occasionally. Minor annoyance. Park needs to come up with a better mechanism.

Park chain cleaner

GoPro 6 batteries do not fair well in wet conditions. The battery contacts will corrode and no longer power the camera. I have at least 3 batteries that will hold a charge but no longer work in the camera. These batteries aren’t cheap. I may start shopping for another camera that can tolerate the high humidity of the SC Lowcountry.

Corroded GoPro 6 battery