Labor Day Century 💯

First time riding on the Lake Marion dike and The Santee Dam. Took me a little while to find the gate to the dike. It was still dark when I arrived. I ended up at Wilson’s landing which is several miles from where I needed to be. The entrance to the dike is a yellow gate behind a Santee Cooper garage to the right of the Harry’s Fish Camp entrance.

The dike gravel is rougher than on Lake Moultrie. Bigger sharper rocks. Old Yeller and the 32c tires handled it without issue. The Santee Dam is a nice break from the gravel. The dam is a favorite spot for turkey vultures to hang out.

The end of the dike is the start of Highway 260. I took 260 on in to Manning SC. The town looks nice but doesn’t have much in the way of convenience stores. I grabbed some Gatorade at the least sleazy store and heading back to Lake Marion. The last 30 miles were tough. I was tired.

The Garmin 520 powered off for some unknown reason in Cross SC. I powered it back on when I noticed it. I tried combining the two GPX files into one when I got home. The combined file was short a few miles so I ended up using the Sports Track Pro GPX file from my phone. I always track my activities on my phone in case something like this happens with the Garmin.

I’m still not sure why I’m on this century trend. They really kick my butt. The stress on my old body is probably not that good for me. I keep doing them though. This was my longest ride to date 119 miles.

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