Commute Thursday September 20, 2018

Grant Ford wrote Morning Trek for me in return for a small donation towards his writing projects. I’m happy with my return on investment. It captures some of the joys of cycling.

#Morning Trek

A breath of cool air, the smell of pavement
entrance and entice the morning senses
with freedom from the daily enslavement
of cars and trucks and motorized fences.

With the strength of will, the body exerts
upon the gears of destiny and fate
to consume the miles combustion preverts;
you breathe the clean air, your spirit to sate.

Pedal now and push forward to the goal,
and strive against the steep hills and valleys
for each mile taken benefits the whole
of the innocuous distance tallies.

At journey's end the air is purer still
than when you set out with the calm of will.

*by PoetGrant*

Today’s commute was exceptional. I was back on Old Yeller. She is such a smooth ride. I had favorable AM and PM winds. I think my PM commute was a personal best. Finished the PM commute in just 47:09 moving time with an average speed of 20.4 mph. Nice!