McClellanville Century 💯

Humans are awesome. There are so many cyclists that inspire me. Lael Wilcox is the latest that touched me. Last night I watched a mini documentary on her Navad 1000 Across Switzerland race. It gave me the confidence to knock out today’s ride.

I woke up at 3 AM and was on the road by 4:18 AM. Took a couple of wrong turns in Bethera. It was still dark and the route was new to me. The route included the Palmetto Trail and a good bit of gravel roads through the Francis Marion Forest. I eventually got back on track and the gravel roads were in good shape. I saw wild hogs or boars. Not sure what they were. They were as black as coal. I startled them when I rode by. I also saw a deer earlier.

McClellanville is a scenic little fishing town. It is always a treat to visit. My original plan was to return via the same route but saw that going through Charleston was a couple of miles shorter. So, I chose busy Hwy 17 over the gravel roads of Francis Marion Forest. It was a good call. The traffic wasn’t too bad.

It was a tough but gratifying day. 9 hours on the saddle covering 130 miles. Rock on.

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