ACE Basin Century 💯

A friend suggested I visit the ACE Basin so that is what I did. I had not been there since 2014. To my delight it hasn’t changed a bit.

Not a cloud in the sky all day long. I donned arm warmers and gloves this morning. It was a good decision. Temperature started at 50.0 °F and maxed out at 84.2 °F according to Garmin.

A few new-to-me roads in today’s route. New Rd isn’t so new. Old Jacksonboro Rd is pretty and it parallels Hwy 17 for a couple of miles. Good to stay off Hwy 17 as much as possible. Dr Taylor Rd is quiet and parallels Hwy 174. Another good road to keep off the highway. I also avoided more of Hwy 17 by hopping on the West Ashley Greenway which is always a good ride.

Rock on.

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