Bike Fit and Maintenance

Matty Floyd of Affordabike in Charleston performed a bike fit on me. First bike fit I’ve had. It was something I felt I should do at least once so I took the day off to get it done. I can’t remember the last time I took a day off.

Matty with the help of the GURU Dynamic Fit Unit made some changes to my fit. Raised my seat post, installed a new stem, adjusted by hoods, etc… I’m sitting allot higher on the Giant Anyroad 1 bicycle now. I am going to try to trust the science. I’ll wait until after a couple of long rides before I pass judgment on the new position.

After the bike fit I dropped off my bike at Mike’s Bikes to get the drivetrain replaced. The parts are finally in. Looking forward to getting back on Old Yeller with a buttery smooth drivetrain and a new riding position.

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