Sunshine baby, sunshine!

Beautiful day for a ride to Lake Moultrie. Clear blue skies with an average temperature of 54.9 °F.

Before the ride I had a little maintenance to do. Replaced the front disc brake pads. They were screeching on the ride home yesterday. The new pads are super grippy. Love ‘em. Degreased and lubed the chain. Inflated my 700x32c tires to 80 PSI. I had a flat yesterday and the little hand pump can only do so much.

December 2018 has been very wet. You know it has been wet when you see beaver road kill on Hwy 17-A. I’ve never seen a beaver in the wild much less on a busy highway far away from any river. Content warning. #NSFW #blood Only click this link if you want to see a dead beaver.

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