Commute Friday December 21, 2018

The wind was whipping today nearly knocking me over a few times.

Even with an awesome tailwind I can’t snag a KOM. There are Strava 3 segments on the way to work. I am 2nd, 3rd, and 4th on the all time rankings. I thought today I might get my first KOM but I was still 34 seconds slower than the leader on the smaller of the 3 segments. Oh well, the ride to work was a lot of fun.

The ride home was brutal. I was hoping the wind would shift during the day to give me tailwinds both to and from work but the wind continued to blow in the same direction. It rained a little on the way home too. Tough ride full of pain.

Relive ‘Commute AM’

Relive ‘Commute PM’