Sunny Saturday in Summerville

I had a flat tire a couple of weeks ago. The replacement tube had a slow leak. I missed something. Put the tube in water to find the leak and position me to the area on the tire to search for the culprit.

Tube leaking in water

Found a tiny wire had penetrated the tire and into the tube.


I replaced the front disk brake pads last week and they are really grippy so I decided to replace the rear brake pads. They weren’t so much warn but rusty and corroded. Corrosion is probably attributed to riding through salty flood waters in Charleston SC.

Rear brake

Brake pads

Rear wheel in stand

After the maintenance I went for a ride around Summerville. Took a few roads I haven’t ridden before. They were not good choices. Too much traffic and no where to stay safe. Oh well, the weather was nice. Clear blue skies and in the 50’s ℉.

Relive ‘Sunny Saturday in Summerville’

Bike under train trestle

Bike in front of train tracks

Summerville city center park is coming along nicely. Summerville city center park coming along nicely

Summerville city center park under construction