Kingstree Century 💯

All century rides are tough but the head winds on the way to Kingstree made this one especially challenging. Considered cutting my ride short more than once. Glad I toughed it out. Was concerned about getting home before the temperatures started dropping. Towards the end of a century it is hard to keep your body temperature up since you don’t have the energy but it worked out on this ride. Arrived home before 5 PM. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and that kept temperatures in the 50’s ℉.

The route was Hwy 17-A to Moncks Corner and Hwy 52 to Kingstree. Not much scenery except for the Santee and Black rivers. I saw several white egrets gracefully flying and a deer less than a couple of meters from me.

The last 4 days have been pretty productive cycling wise.

Today’s century ride was my 18th and final for 2018. Here’s to many more in 2019.

Bike on Black River bridge Bike on Black River bridge

Bike on Santee River bridge Bike on Santee River bridge

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