Worst Century Best Human Ever 💯

Double puncture. The first at mile 81 the second at mile 82. Both were staples in the rear tire. On the first puncture I replaced the tube. On the second I used a patch. My mini pump was pretty much useless. I was near a pay pump on the first one and got it rideable. On the second I couldn’t get enough air in it to ride so I started walking. A very kind human offered me a ride, asking if I had a mechanical. He also cycles and had been in my position before. I declined, not wanting to tie up his Saturday. He was persistent, followed me, pulling off the road and convincing me take his offer. I paused my Garmin, loaded the bike in his Toyota and we headed to the next gas station with an air pump. Put air in the tire and it quickly went flat. Patch fail. At this point I was ready to accept a DNF on this century ride and asked if he would take me home. He said sure but wanted to drop his dog off at home first. When we got to his house in Crowfield he offered me a tube, then he gave me a spare tube, and a pump! What an excellent human! He helped me get the new tube installed and pumped. I thanked him profusely and he just asked that I pass it forward. I promised I would. I finished up my century ride thinking it was both the best and worst ride ever. Faith in humanity restored.

A little more about this ride and why I was really disappointed when I got my first puncture. As I rode towards Cross SC I was making really good time (for me) thanks to a favorable wind direction. At that point I decided I was going to try to complete a 6 hour century. Something I wanted to do for a while. My centuries are usually 7 or more hours. I kept my pace up and reduced my fuel stops. Everything was going swell until that first staple in the tire. I was super bummed and frustrated. The next hour was spent working on the bike. It all worked out in the end. Garmin says my moving time was 6:18:22 so the 6 hour century was within reach. Maybe some other day. Really pleased I was able to finish the century.

Ride on and be kind. ☮

Bike on Lake Marion dike

Bike on bridge

Bike and YMCA banner

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