Gators and Armadillos

While repairing my two punctures yesterday I realized it was time for new tires. The Specialized Armadillo tires had a few cuts, holes and dry rot. I replaced them with Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin tires. There is nothing wrong with the Specialized Armadillo brand. It was just more convenient and quicker to add the Gatorskins to my Amazon cart instead of going to Specialized’s website.

I drove the Bolt EV back to the location of my first puncture yesterday to do some investigating. Walked the kilometer leading up to the incident. Didn’t find staples. Plenty of other road hazards but no staples. My theory was that maybe I hit a patch of staples and actually had two in my tire removing only the first one, and fixing the tire. The second staple didn’t penetrate the tube until a mile or so down the road. Sounds about as plausible as running over two identical staples a mile apart. I’ll never know.

Ride on. ☮

Dry rotting tire

Cut in tire

Hole in tire

Gatorskin tire