Commute Friday March 1, 2019

Intrigued at the prospect of fewer drivetrain issues I bought a Priority 600 with a Pinion gearbox. Assembled last night and rode to work today. Initial reaction is it is a smooth ride but slow. The rolling resistance with the big 650b tires is noticeable as well as the resistance of the belt drive. At this point I don’t see it replacing Old Yeller. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get rid of the Defy 3 though. I don’t need three bikes.

My day started around 3:50 AM. The ride to work had a rough start due to user error. I was shifting under load which is a no-no with a Pinion gearbox. Once I stopped shifting under load the ride was uneventful. I didn’t leave the office until after 9 PM getting home a little before 11 PM. I took the longer and safer way home. The roads were pretty quiet and the temperature was nice. There was a headwind but hey you can’t have everything. Ride on. ☮

Pinion gearbox

Bike gearbox

Relive ‘Commute AM’

Relive ‘Commute PM’