Rockville Century 💯

Ride Summary

  • Mile 40 puncture from small wire
  • Pulled out the wire with my teeth
  • Mile 50 air horned by a couple of bubbas
  • Mile 60 chased by dogs
  • Mile 70 water cage weld snapped
  • Mile 96 car right turned in front of me at 21 mph (no contact)

The ride started out in a damp fog. After I got through Charleston the wind was mostly at my back which was super nice. I’ve been telling myself to carry 2 spare tubes on century rides but I’ve yet to do it. Next time for sure! Luckily I only had 1 puncture this time.

This was my 25th century since getting on this kick last May. Looking forward to the next one. Ride on. ☮

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