Walterboro Century 💯

Had a little bit of rain and a rainbow at the start but the rain moved on and was followed by sunshine and mild temperatures.

The Hwy 17-A Avoidance route to Walterboro gets an A+ for light traffic and scenery but a C- for road surface. The asphalt was rippled, dimpled, cracked, and full of pot holes. Can’t have everything.

The Walterboro Wildlife Sanctuary was a nice treat. Good trails and boardwalks over cypress swamps. The area is not huge but everything was in good shape.

The ride home was tough. Heavy traffic on highways 27, 78, and 176. Following Google’s advice and wanting to get off of Hwy 176 I took Sheep Island Rd then the trail to Del Webb Nexton. The trail was muddy and rough going in parts.

Bottom line is if century rides were easy I probably wouldn’t do them. Good day in the saddle. Ride on. ☮

Bike on trail in Walterboro Wildlife Sanctuary

Swamp in Walterboro Wildlife Sanctuary

Bike hanging from an ship anchor

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