A heavy fog rolled in this morning about the time I was leaving for a family gathering in the Shadowmoss subdivision. Rode through some rain showers on the way home.

I saved a 6 foot step ladder. On Hwy 165 two trucks blew past me. One was loaded with construction materials and ladders. Both trucks were probably going about 60 mph but the second one felt the need to go even faster so he gunned it to pass the first truck. When he did a 6 foot fiberglass step ladder flew out of the truck bed onto the middle of the road. I was about 300 yards away. I looked behind me and there was a semi truck without a trailer about a mile out. If the semi truck runs over the ladder who knows what will happen. So, I chose to pick the ladder up off the road and drag it to the side. The two bubbas in the truck thanked me and I rode off. 10 minutes later they passed me again. This time their junk was secured with rope.

Good rides today. Ride on. ☮

Bike leaning on a tree

Foggy bicycle