Summerville Century 💯

After a nice Saturday in Myrtle Beach it was time for the ride home. Was on the road at 5:04 AM but quickly turned back to get my phone. After that false start the ride was so much nicer than Friday’s ride. Very light traffic, no rain, and comfortable temperatures made for a chill ride. It turned overcast around 8:30 but the clouds broke up about 1.5 hours later. There was a persistent light headwind all the way home but hey I’m not complaining.

The ride through Georgetown brought back some memories of Easters past. Childhood memories of time spent in Georgetown are my most cherished. Georgetown holds a special place in my heart. Those were the best of times.

I’ve learned from this weekend’s two century rides I can skip breakfast and the associated digestion time. Eating on the bike works just fine without breakfast. This saves time and enables earlier start times. +1

The big take away from this mini vacation is Friday’s ride from Georgetown to Myrtle Beach was an epic ride that I should never ever reenact. The wind, rain, and traffic was intense. I felt it was crazy when I was riding it but looking back on that segment it was absolutely insane. I survived. Ride on. ☮

Myrtle Beach SC

Myrtle Beach SC

Moon early morning on Hwy 17

Santee River train trestle

A few more photos in this album

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