Eutawville Century 💯

This century ride was less strenuous than last week’s century ride. Unfortunately I don’t know why. Was it my diet this week, my hydration, my fuel, my pace, the wind, the temperature or the phase of the moon. I wish I knew so I could replicate it.

The route to Eutawville was super nice except for the 10 miles on Hwy 176. I started at 5 AM to get off of Hwy 176 as early as possible. The plan paid off. I had just 7 vehicles pass me in 10 miles. More oncoming traffic but I don’t worry about that. Once off Hwy 176 it was great ride. Mudville Rd, Nash Rd, Popular Hill Rd, and County Line Rd were very chill.

I jumped on the gravel trail along the canal to get from Hwy 45 to Hwy 35. Where Hwy 35 ends I should have turned on Mandella Rd but Google suggested I go straight on Dennis Ridge Rd. That was the chunkiest ride I’ve done. The road recently received a fresh layer of rocks. They were huge. Surprised to complete the couple of mile segment without a puncture or wheel coming off. Will not ride that again.

To cap off the ride I stopped by the Summerville Farmer’s Market and bought a couple of Cookie Chick oatmeal cookies. Yummy.

What a great day! Ride on. ☮

Bicycle shop in Eutawville

Bicycle repair sign

Eutaw Spring Battlefield lake

Eutaw Springs lake

House in corn field Hwy 35

House in corn field Hwy 35

Trail along canal between Hwy 35 and 45

Trail along canal

Very Chunky Ride Dennis Ridge Rd

Very chunky ride

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