Commute Tuesday June 18, 2019

Part of Hwy 17-A approximately between Cypress Garden Rd and Black Tom Rd is getting resurfaced. I didn’t notice anything wrong with the tarmac at least not in the area they are working on. Closer to Summerville the top of the asphalt is coming up big time. Will be interesting to see if this project goes that far. I’m not complaining. Any new tarmac is welcomed.

Received a can of chain degreaser and a chain cleaning tool. I haven’t got as much life out of the CM-5.2 chain scrubber as I would have liked. I have trouble with the clips that hold the top on. The pins that hold the clips fall out and the plastic around those pins breaks up. So, I upgraded to the CM-25 chain scrubber which is made of aluminum. I’m hoping this one will last a life time.

No problems with the commute other than the lane closure. Ride on. ☮

Chain degreaser liquid and tool

Chain degreaser liquid and tool

Bike against wood fence in Nexton Square

Bike against wood fence

Relive ‘Commute AM’

Relive ‘Commute PM’