Bowman Century 💯

The Keen sandals were good on the commutes this week so I tried them on a century ride. The sandals worked out well. Instead of my feet being in sweat soaked hot Adidas shoes they were airing out in the wind. 👍👍

I incorrectly thought it was going to be raining all day. There was rain off the coast and I assumed it would be heading inland so I changed my route. Originally planned to go to the Isle of Palms but headed northwest to Bowman. First time visiting Bowman. Not much to see there at least on the main drag. It was a good ride up. Two lane Hwy 78 on the way back was tense.

Started riding at 6 AM instead of 4 AM. I made it to the Summerville Farmer’s market at noon and the Cookie Chick had sold all her cookies. ☹

Ride on. ☮

Bicycle in front of a monument

Bicycle in front of a monument

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