Bushy Park

Rode to Bushy Park. Each time I ride there I ask myself why. Bushy Park Rd has one of the worst surfaces around. Really rough ride. Other than that it was a good time.

Had to take Old Yeller back to Mike’s Bikes. I need new cables. All cables but the front disc brake cable are sticking badly. The LBS mechanic mentioned last time I had it in that the cables were sticking but he got them working. I need to let him know if he ever finds something marginal or sketchy just replace it. I’m not going to complain about the bill. I much rather have a properly operating bicycle.

Logged 222 miles this week. Anything over 200 is good for me. That pace will allow me to reach my 10,000 mile goal for 2019.

Ride on. ☮

Bushy Park fresh water side

Bushy Park fresh water side

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