Commute Thursday September 19, 2019

The new PM route through Cane Bay is growing on me. Really the only sketchy part is Black Tom Rd. Getting off of Black Tom Rd and into Cane Bay is a little precarious too. The entrance is lined with golf ball size rocks, then sand, and finally a construction machinery crossing. Once I hit the pavement it is good. The automobile traffic picks up the closer I get to Hwy 176. From 176 I take the multi-use path until I get to Nexton. So, the route keeps me out of Carnes Crossroads which is good and well worth the extra 5 miles.

Oh and on the morning commute I was not happy. Everyone is all giddy with the cooler temperatures. Not me. This morning there was a 10 mph headwind out of the north and the temperature was hovering around 60 ℉. Not a fan. I rather sweat than freeze any day. Not looking forward to winter, at all.

Ride on. ☮