Santee Coastal Reserve Century 💯

The Santee Coastal Reserve is another hidden gem. The cape is absolutely gorgeous. Water fowl galore and plenty of gators too. As I rode out on the cape, sunning gators would scurry into the water. The most stunning site was a large flock of white egrets or herons flying. A look-out tower near the South Santee River provides breathtaking views.

As far as the ride goes it was great. I started from Moncks Corner instead of Summerville. 110 miles was just right. 142 miles had I started from home would have killed me. Hwy 402, Steed Creek Rd, and Hwy 17 were a joy to ride. The roads in the Reserve were good too. There are some sandy segments. I walked a few of them and flipped over on one of the segments. I had an oh-no moment. The back wheel came off when I flipped and I feared the rear derailleur was bent but it was fine. Popped the wheel on and continued.

I’m so fortunate to be able to enjoy these beautiful remote areas of South Carolina.

Ride on. ☮

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