South Tibwin Century 💯

A friend suggested I check-out the South Tibwin Hiking Trail so that is what I did today. I had passed the entrance to this trail on my trips to McClellanville but never ventured in. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of water access. It is beautiful. Accidentally ran over a black snake’s tail. I hope it survived. The trail is a mix of grass, pine straw, downed tree limbs, and roots. Not ideal for a road bike. I was riding my backup bike the Giant Defy 3 with 720x25c tires. I dismounted and walked the end of the trail.

My main bike has a slipping freehub. I’ll be working on that soon. I wasn’t sure how a century ride would feel on my backup bike. It did OK. Not as comfortable as Old Yeller. The backup bike developed an annoying tick in the drivetrain that I’ve yet to figure out the origin. It’s always something. At least I kept my streak of weekend century rides going. I haven’t missed one since June 2019. Currently at 17 in a row.

Ride on. ☮

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