Hyde Park Rd

Rode down to Hyde Park Rd and back.

Experienced some pleasant human interactions which is usually not the case.

On the corner of Hwy 165 and County Line Rd there is a farmhouse with a couple of roosters that are always crowing. The property owner was outside and I let him know how I love hearing the roosters when I ride by. I had stopped on the side of the road to eat a fig newton. A lady in an SUV stopped to asked “Are you OK?”. I said “Yeah. Just eating a snack. Thank-you!”. She mentioned her mother rides a bike. Good humans.

On the Sawmill Branch multi-use path I almost collided with two young boys riding bikes entering from a perpendicular path at a high rate of speed. We all stopped safely. I was smiling from ear to ear. One of them said “It ain’t funny bruh!”. I couldn’t help but laugh, seeing myself in those two boys.

My legs had more pep today than yesterday. Even rode up the parking garage so I could fly down it. I hope someday I figure out how the body works.

Good ride.

Ride on. ☮