Lake Murray Century 💯

Drove the Chevy Bolt EV to Swansea, SC and parked at the Lexington County Library. Cleared it with the librarian and hit the road on Old Yeller.

First time cycling this part of the South Carolina. Surprised by the amount of urban sprawl around Lake Murray and the hills on this route. With an average temperature of 46℉ I never felt comfortable. The cool wind, hills, and heavy traffic prevented me from relaxing.

I wanted to spend more time in the Dreher Island State Park but I was running out of daylight and didn’t bring any headlights. I made it back to my car shortly after dusk.

The western half of the route has less urban development. The Hwy 178 segment is pretty good with new tarmac and a decent shoulder. A tougher than usual day on the saddle. Glad I completed it and glad it is over. The overall route warrants 1 out of 5 stars.

Ride on. ☮

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