Lake Moultrie West Dike

Rode along the west dike of Lake Moultrie. Clear blue sky was nice.

I got a puncture on the dike. Post ride inspection points towards a thorn through the side of the tire. I had several thorns in my leg warmers so this theory seems plausible. Strangely it was a slow leak.

The repair did not go smoothly. I have all the proper tools. Two spare tubes, two CO2 cartridges, a hand pump, patches and a tire lever. I put the tube in and inflated it with cartridge 1. Unfortunately a section of the tire did not seat in the rim. When I removed the cartridge the valve came out, releasing the air. I put the valve back in the tube stem, reseated the tire, and inflated with cartridge number 2. All was good until I unscrewed the inflater. It removed the valve again. I put the valve back in and used the hand pump. Got about 40 PSI. Normally I run 80 PSI. It got me home.

Good afternoon ride.

Goal update. I’m at 9,310 of my 10,000 mile goal for 2019. Only 32 days remaining.

Ride on. ☮